A piece of furniture from my workshop is made by me.

I have selected the timber, machined it to size, studied the grain and features of the timber and let them determine which component should come from each piece of wood. I have shaped forms with planes, cut joints with saws, chisels, mallets. I’ve polished the timber and felt its surface change under my tools and hands, then I have nourished and protected it with oils and waxes, before presenting you with a piece I am proud to call my work.

When you buy a piece of furniture from me, you are buying something I would want in my home, a piece of furniture made with care, made to last, a furniture piece that blends form, function and beauty.

past work

shaker inspired nightstand

shaker inspired nightstand

Tinamba Hotel console table

Tinamba Hotel console table

Yvonne’s chair

Yvonne’s chair

sourcing the best

Timber is nature’s own perfect building material. It is full of beauty, inspiration, endless variation, bursting with character, carrying its own history…and it doesn’t cost the earth.

The timber I use is either salvaged from a previous life and recycled to a beautiful new use in my furniture, or grown in responsibly managed plantations ensuring that the objects I make are kind to the world around us.

Wherever possible, I maintain the story of the timber used in my furniture, so you may find yourself buying a cabinet made from timber that was last used by craftsmen 150 years ago to build a hotel in 1865. Perhaps you bought a lacewood jewellery box made from timber salvaged by arborists when the limbs of a giant plane tree were endangering local hospital buildings, or a console table made from timber salvaged by builders during a home renovation in Carlton or Richmond.It could also be possible you are purchasing a beautiful table ‘merely’ made from redgum timber left to me by a friend, or from rare flame maple brought back when another friend moved home from living and studying in Boston.

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the workshop

At the end of a single lane road, I have built a workshop with views over lush dairy paddocks to the trees and mountains that provide the precious resource I use to craft my furniture. In this setting ideas begin with lines drawn on paper. Time stops as I pursue the precision embodied in every joint, as curves and corners evolve into work that blurs distinctions between form, function and art, work that results in enduring, beautiful, pieces of furniture for your family.

If you’d like to visit to see products in progress, or to view the pieces available for purchase, please contact me using the details provided on the contact page.